Monday, October 17, 2011


"Ah thats right carrying around a paino would be foolish, but after all she's been through everything may have seemed foolish right now...maybe worthless.

Slenderman, that's was what made her leave in the first place and now she was on the streets and it seemed peaceful, Hoso had not seen the Slenderman for a long time now. Then why was she still wandering these streets? It started so slowly to snow, winter in summer how odd, she darted out her tongue tasting the snow, since 2010 things had been happening, things that were out of her control.

November 12, 2010 she introduced herself to the world as a young song 'writer' and she wanted it to be a place in which she could show the world her beautiful melody's, and she did, and everyone loved them.

She recalled her first song, dedicated to Zeke a slenderbloger, she did not believe in the slenderman at first but everyone loved it and so she kept uploading more of her beautiful songs. 

'I'm just glad to know I'm making something that people care about.'

She opened her eyes at the noise of an oncoming truck and realized she had wandered into the road by accident and quickly moved out, the snow had become a bit thicker, she still found it odd, snow in summer....but she didn't complain and tied her scarf tighter around her neck.

Where was she anyways? Hoso was unsure yet she knew it felt no where like home, could it be possible she was happier and more relaxed here? The thought excited and frightened her at the same time.

She remembered the note, 嘘つきはだれ? 'Who's the Liar?' Could this all be a really bad dream? Was it wrong of her to have wanted to see slenderman in the first place? She remembered wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, what a lovely time.

Yet she told everyone to stop listing to her stupid excuses for music, yet no one listened instead they told her the truth 'we love your work'. She remembered that she thanked them, depression was a part of her life and they wanted to be there to help.

'Could I still be a child at heart?' Hoso wondered this again as she saw the snow start to really pile up under her feet, ah it was so cold as it brushed against her bare legs, if only she had brought a sled, why was it snowing so hard today anyways? She kept walking through it as if reaching for something better.

The first time she had seen Slenderman she remembered it being just as bitterly cold as it was right now, she remember how wrong that moment felt HE shouldn't exist, that HE shouldn't be there and yet he was. Yes she remembered that moment almost as if it had only happened hours ago. 

Hoso opened her eyes and stared into the white sky, according to her Ipod her music was still playing..even so had she had been ignoring it for the past hour? Impossible. For a moment she believed her piece of digital technology was lying she closed her eyes instead trying to remember the rest of her story. 

The girl, that smile, her face, that mask, how when she first saw her it was snowing and that streetlight. Hoso opened her eyes softly to stare up at the streetlights how were these any different...maybe...maybe it was because the masked girl wasn't there standing under them watching her, those words 'worthless' 'can you hear them laughing at you' 'pathetic', She remembered how she had freaked out and killed her, she didn't regret that, could she have possibly regretted not doing it sooner?

Now she wondered if she could write anymore, she stopped and for a second the world stopped with her, tears drifted into the white pile that had collected at her feet. She would have asked the world, could they respond? Would they respond? There was no answer, instead the world sped up passing her and leaving her behind.

There was no more music, for some reason even though she had stopped thinking about everything that had happened she couldn't hear her music, her music where was it?

'Call me stupid, but as long as I have my music, I feel like I can do anything.'

Her own words echoed in her head, but now she didn't even believe those. If she didn't have her music could she do anything?

The world she knew, all the color's and shapes turned white like and empty sheet of paper, it turned silent everything she knew was gone, she fell onto her knees all her songs, all her written words, if she left would she be remembered?

She couldn't tell the difference anymore...was this a new start or was someone burning whatever she had left?

A light dimly shone in the distance, a soft enchanting melody, it was calling to her lifting herself from the ground she decided no matter what now she would have to start doing something to make herself remembered.

"..I am..." slowly she took a breath the air was warm again, the snow that had been falling seconds ago was melted and she took small meaningful steps towards that light.

"..I am going to continue on.." her skirt waved behind her softly as a warm breeze blew caressing her hair and scarf she could once again hear her music playing. Her music, not the kind that blasted on the radio's or the kind that was massed produced it was her music the wonderfully unique sound that gave people the strength to go on.

"As long as I have my music. I can do anything"

"I am Hosozukuri"