Thursday, April 14, 2011

Delicate Dream, Fragile Season

It hurts.

It hurts, but I'll tell you anyway.

It was a couple days ago. Or was is a couple weeks? Was it yesterday? Did it happen at all? I'm not sure which, but that's not important. I had just arrived home from school, exhausted, unhappy, and very much distracted. Maybe that's why I didn't see her at first. But we met each other soon enough. Her standing in the middle of my kitchen and me distraught over seeing her standing in the middle of my kitchen. How did she get in here? What was she planning on doing? Why was she still wearing such a laughable mask?

"Oh hey. You're home early." Why is she so calm? She's breaking and entering, so at least try to act like it matters. Not that she really needed to react, I was emotional enough for the both of us. I took the opportunity to tell her to get the fuck out of my house. Don't get me wrong, I'm usually much more polite than this. But not only did her and I not have the best track record, I very well couldn't stand the idea of this despicable person inside my home, invading a private and safe place. This is a place for me to hide, not for you to come and find me.

She ignored my demands. "Please don't be upset. I have something important for you. Something to tell you." she said in her infuriating tone of voice. What was it about her voice that made me despise her so much? Was it because even then I could sense something very...wrong with it? She took a few steps forward, her black dress shoes clacking against the floor. What was that she was holding in her left hand? Something small and black and silver and shiny. A box cutter?

There's only so much a person can handle. Especially a small and weak person like me. I can't cover my ears and ignore you. So it's time to do something about it I suppose. I rushed forward, punching her in the chest and ripping that stupid mask off her face.

I wasn't ready.

To see her.

Or her face.

Her true face

That god damn FACE. STARING at me. GRINNING like a smug little idiot.

She has no right to wear such a face. Just seeing her, just looking at her, I knew. I can't let this thing live. No

I grabbed the nearest thing my hands could find, a rolling pin resting on the kitchen counter. I struck her across the head and she fell to the floor. She didn't so much as make a move to resist. Her smile was unchanging, unflinching, as if to challenge me.

Are you really going to do what I think you're going to do?

Hit hit hit her again. have to wipe away that fucking smile

It still won't go away. I still see it

I pulled a knife from the block. I knew she was already dead, anyone could see it, but it didn't matter. Even in death she was still looking at me. with that face

I stabbed her face. ripped it to pieces again and again and again

I must have run that thing through her head at least 100 times. each blow carving lines in it's flesh, tearing it apart. some one was screaming. Was it me? No. I didn't make a sound. Only my frantic breathing. Wasn't thinking anything. Maybe one thing, but I've forgotten it by now. Just destroy it. I can't let it live. even if it's dead I can't let it live

The next sound to reach my ears was a metallic clatter as the knife fell to the floor. I spent a lot of time- I don't know how much- just sitting on the floor, that thing directly in my sight. Why? Did I think it was going to get back up? No. There was hardly anything left. I was there a long time. Doing nothing.

Then, without really thinking about it, I stood. I removed my horribly stained clothes and took a shower, standing motionless as I watched the little red trails snake towards the drain.

Afterward, I went about the surprisingly difficult task of making everything I've ever cared about fit into one bag. Too bad there's not room for a piano. It's not going to get much use anymore. Not from me.

It was inevitable. I had to get food, so I had to see the thing again. It didn't bother me as much as I know it should have. I made an awful mess. There was a fleeting thought of what my parents would think when they saw this. With any luck, I'd be far away by then.

One last thing. I rinsed off the knife and slid it into my bag.

And I left. Not a difficult decision as it pretty much had already been made for me. I just want to get far away. From that thing. The thing that still watches me with it's sickly sweet smile on it's face.

My face.


  1. whta can i say? it'l be okay? it was rthe right thing to tell us - whover is paying attnetnion anyway. you can't hold thing slike this in for to long or it'll get the better of you wich it may or may not have done alread.y but if you just drop away from your friends..It all has to get beter some day and you alway have friends. thats something ot look for in even the darkets time.s

    i suck at motivatonal speeches, but i'v done my best. don'tt let it get to you, Hoso.

  2. Oh SHIT.

    This...isn't the best time to be listening to Circle You, is it.

    Fuck. Run like a bitch. And stay safe, dammit. Shrinking Violet or not, you're kind of a big fucking deal in the Slender community and everyone really loves you like nuts.

    I've got an abomination to yell at.

    Or two, if I really did see that pale thing crawling through the bushes last night.


  3. Wow... we're just glad to hear that you're alright.

    I (drake) agree with your course of actions though, I probably would have done the same, and running is a good idea.

    Good luck

    I (Tikka) don't really think that was the best thing to do... I would have grabbed a weapon since it seemed like she had a weapon, but I wouldn't have attacked right away, I would have seen what she wanted... but I'm just glad to see you're alright.

    ~Drake and Tikka~

  4. I'd have done the same as you. That doesn't mean it was a sane decision, mind you.

    Good luck.

  5. I...

    Holy shit.

    I can't say anything. What would suffice?

    There are times when silence makes a better answer.

    Regardless, I hope you find the voice of comfort soon. Hope is all one has in the world when all else has left.

  6. In all honesty, what do you have to gain by saying that?

  7. Oh, what, and you think you’re the first? Ridiculous.

  8. What reason could you have for wanting to lie to someone like me? It means nothing.

  9. Listen, I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with you or your ramblings. I don’t care. Stop posting. You’re wasting your time.

  10. This was predictable...