Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't mind me

What is he really?

An alien? A time-traveler? An ascended meme? The boogieman?

What does He want?

Just to hunt down every kid with a video camera or a blogger account?

I don’t think that’s the truth. This is something I’ve pondered almost constantly. So what do I think? What do I have to say on the matter? I’ll put it simply.

He is madness incarnate.

“Any of a group of psychiatric disorders characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, hallucinations, and psychotic behavior.” -Definition of psychosis

“…The strangest of these characters are those who espouse Blue And Orange Morality. These characters have a moral framework that is so utterly alien and foreign to human experience that we can't peg them as good or evil. They aren't a Chaotic Neutral Unfettered, though they may seem to act terrifyingly randomly; nor are they necessarily a Fettered Lawful Neutral, because our and their understanding of 'law' as a concept may not even be equivalent. There might be a logic behind their actions, it's just that they operate with entirely different sets of values and premises with which to draw their conclusions.” –TV tropes

Let’s start with what we know. He’s supposedly made from the thoughts and belief of the people who know about Him. He’s a being that shouldn’t exist, and yet, He does. How? Why? Perhaps He’s always been there, watching, waiting, lurking in the darkest corners of the human mind. What would you say to someone who told you that they were being followed by a tall faceless man? You’d say that they’re crazy. Something like that couldn’t possibly exist and in a way, you’d be correct.

What does it take to make something from make-believe to reality? Certainly a “crazy” person would know. Some one who sees and hears things that aren’t there. But are they really? In their minds, the voices they hear are real. That’s their reality. He exists similarly. He’s a distortion in reality, given power from belief and constantly trying to draw others into the delusion He created.

This also explains why he behavior and methods vary from person to person. Maybe it's a case of "what you see is what you expect to see" or somehow He's able to know just what to do to frighten an individual the most.

That being said, it’s almost impossible to say for sure whether He is good or evil.  Yes, he has done terrible things and shattered countless lives, but it’s impossible to know if He did those things with evil intentions. The way He operates is on a completely different level, a completely different though process. To understand the way of thinking is to lose one’s grip on reality as it is currently defined to the individual. For this reason, I believe it is impossible to understand him.

But we all try, don’t we?

As I type it’s becoming horribly apparent how difficult it is to explain all of this. I read through it again and it all looks like the same things that have been brought up over and over. Oh well. At least I tried, right?  

Oh, and I haven't gone crazy yet. I've just had this idea for awhile and thought it couldn't hurt to share it. I promise that when I finally lose it, I'll be sure to let you all know.

New song(s) coming soon. My head hurts too much now.


  1. Huh, interesting reasoning. A good way to look at it, I suppose. That's all I have to say on that.


  2. So you are essentially saying that Slendy is simply a hallucination brought on by psychosis? I suppose that would make sense, that would explain why he seems to act differently in each story, for instance, in Tribe twelve and Seeking Truth he seems to act out of malice, whereas in H(a)unting he only does what he does because he has to.

  3. Mass psychosis would fit the bill, and I would agree with you if Slendy hadn't broken my ribs recently.

  4. That's just how he begins though. I have no doubt that as He becomes real to a person, that becomes their reality and He actually becomes real along with it.

  5. Yea Will, I agree with you, I would agree with mass psychosis, along with mob mentality fear thing, except Slendy and his proxies have stabbed me, slit my hand, which is infected, almost broke my neck, et cetera.

    So Will, keep in touch.


  6. Jeeze, you're such a square!

  7. I agree. Personally, I'm a big follower of the 'tulpa tulpa because it's a tulpa' thought process. The same thing could have happened with any scary internet meme, this one just gained belief and therefore power.

  8. Also, just read through your blog's archives. Please stay safe, I've been cherishing your music all night. :)

  9. well now that Ive read all of your posts so far I gotta say Awesome music and good theories on Tall Dark and Skinny.

    Stay Safe
    ~Knave of Cards

  10. The Black King has, perhaps, the best understanding of reality of all of us. Reality, as we perceive, is the collective 'average', the baseline, of every person's perception of their surroundings. Belief is a strong tool. Believe, and the Black King enters your reality, twisting the collective to be real.

    The macabre dance has gone on for centuries uninterrupted, as more learn of the Black King, his presence in the collective grows.

  11. hello


    plant an seed, make a shield