Thursday, December 30, 2010

I guess I'm famous now

Take a look at something I came across on Deviantart today. Okay, I didn't find it by chance; the artist sent me a link. I thought it was weird for someone to just ask what I look like out of the blue, but Sabrina does that when she wants to draw someone. I guess you need to know who you're drawing right? Anyway, I don't really own any of those clothes...but I so want to now. And that awesome. However, I do own a purple iPod, so good job!

Heh, the face is pretty accurate too. Now the reason I'm not getting much sleep is because I'm up 'till 1 or so playing Silent Hill Origins, a game that I'm totally not hating as much as I expected to. Yes, since Christmas my life has become disturbingly normal again, and with any luck, it will stay that way.


And now that I've said that, you can all start counting the days until something awful happens.


  1. I am so drawing myself into that collab XD
    I just started Shattered Memories. Quite nice, so far.

  2. Yeah, Origins is pretty good, I thought the story was okay (not as good as some of the other SH stories though) and it was satisfying as hell to punch nurses right in the face. :D
    Well anyways, stay safe.

  3. That is probably the best thing I have seen in my life.