Sunday, December 19, 2010

(Song) Doubt.

(Darn, I accidentally uploaded it in HD. No wonder it took so long. Now it's stretching the page; that's really going to annoy me DX)

"A companion song to Resolve.

Sometimes our resolve wavers and we begin to doubt ourselves. But that's okay. Everyone gets discouraged some times. If you tire of fighting and struggling, just give up. Follow the melody with slow purposeful steps, and dance to an uncaring tune. Defiance will always be rewarded with pain.

A sorrowful song meanders into the night as you leisurely follow behind.

That's what this song is."

And that my friends, is why I'm not a poet.

And I swear I remember making this one. I know because I loves me my accordions and this song is full of 'em.

I am in an exponentially better mood now, and I think Christmas Break might have something to do with that. I love Christmas, even if it means that the radio is useless for the month of December because EVERY STATION EVER will only play stupid Christmas music. Except the one heavy-metal station. That's a plus.

No more sightings of Heno girl, but I did get another note. It says the same thing as the last one, but it's on a small, line-less piece of paper and it's painted instead of written in pen. I'm using it as a bookmark. In the past three days or so I've been sleeping just fine and there's been no weird songs on my computer when I wake up. Which is also making me happy.

And in only a few short days, I get to find out just what exactly is going to happen on the Solstice. Whatever it is, I hope you all (especially Zero) stay safe/alive. That would be ideal.


  1. This is a nice song Hoso. It sounds like one of those video game songs. The one where: "Well, this is a nice song to listen to for an hour but can I -please- beat this level already?!"

    Sorry, probably not the best time for my stupid sense of humor.

    I'm glad everything is pretty much going back to normal for you, Hoso. Stay safe!

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! Great work, as always. It's good to hear that you're feeling better now. :)

    Man, this song really is great- I'm smiling without even trying to. <3

  3. It's nice to know that you're feeling better.
    I wish there was a metal radio station around where I live, all we have around here is country, AND I FUCKING HATE COUNTRY!!!
    So is something supposed to happen on the Solstice? Is that some part of the Slendy Mythos that I just over looked?

  4. @Pwn - It's a plan Zero and a few of the others have had since they carried titles, since before Redlight dropped by and pretty much dropped Robert's credibility in a vat of acid. Zero's still planning on going through with it, last I heard from him, so we'll see how that works out.

  5. @Hoso - I love the piece. It's mischievious and suggests something is afoot. There is.

    @Pwn - by many mythological and folklore accounts solstices are moments of mystical significance. Some are trying to bend that to our use.

  6. Hey buddy.
    I've got my own blog nao,
    All set up.

    Cya at school.


  7. Hehe, "Salty" makes you sound like a pirate or something.

    I'll check it out soon.

  8. Oh boo, pirates are cool.

    I know someone who just can't wait to see Pirates 4.

  9. I never said it was a bad thing!

    Pirates are awesome.

  10. I just want everyone here to know that ninjas are better.

  11. I have to concur with Leviathan on that one.

  12. I have to say vikings beat both of them.

  13. @Leviathan: You, my good sir, win.

  14. On the topic of whether pirates or ninjas would win, I think Cthulhu would win. :D

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  16. Pirate-ninja hybrids riding dragon-unicorn crossbreeds and wielding katanaxes made of forged awesome would beat everything.


  17. I guess the whole downside of this 'starting the blogging' thing late is the whole 'wanting to comment on posts everyone has already passed by', but I just want to say I love this song, and love how everyone claims that the song is lighthearted and catchy.

    The first love is genuine. The second, ironic.