Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One More Time


As you may have gathered from my last post, I'm not really feeling the best right now. It's no big deal really. Mostly related to stress and my complete inability get any freaking sleep. might also have something to with you-know-who. In the sense that I've mostly spent my long nights reading blogs and writing more music. I keep looking over my shoulder and out the windows, but I never see anything.

Did I mention that this blog got listed on unfiction as a possible slenderblog? Seriously? I don't know that I've really posted anything on here too slenderblog-y (though this post is starting to sound more and more like one). I promise, as soon as I see a tall guy in a suit hanging around outside my house, you'll be the first to know about it.


Is it wrong to kind of wish to see Slendy? I mean, it would certainly be one of the more interesting things that ever happened to me. Maybe that's why I'm so disappointed whenever I look outside and see nothing there. Then again, I definitely don't want to meet him. As far as I've seen, just seeing him is as good as a death sentence. Or worse in some cases.

I'm totally rambling here. I can't even really think straight. I'm going to go try and get some sleep. As an apology for being so mopey, my next post will be a very special one. I've just finished a song that I've been working on long before I started this blog. I'm very happy with how it turned out and I think you'll like it too.

"Hope. That's what you bring to those that fight it. I just watch and cheer them on. I wish I could do what you do." -ZeranEmpire on YT

Wow. I'm so special.


  1. I sort of wanted to be a part of it too Hosozukuri...

    Listen, you're a part of us in the most important way, you're sort of treasured at least to most of the people I know here. You're really helping us out, don't think that you don't belong, just because he hasn't visited you.

    get some sleep. Take care.

  2. Kuri, I probably wouldn't want to dig any deeper into have a point, he's so compelling, such an interesting emigma of a figure, I found myself drawing him today in my math notebook, no reason, I just...wanted to see him, and I kept looking out the window towards the woods by my house....haha but I'm just rambling, anyways get some sleep Hoso, can't wait to see more music from you

  3. I started to feel uneasy when you started running into the (X)s. Then Square started posting comments...I dunno if that's his name but that's how he shows up on my screen. Just a square.

    Anyway, I think we all have a morbid interest in things like's the same as how I sometimes wish an apocalypse scenario would happen, just to see if how I'd do in the aftermath.

    Anyway...I hope you're okay. You're the only person to really talk to me here.

  4. Back out, get away. It's just about too late. Thats why I got him to follow you, why I'm following you.

    I've heard parts of Hyoscyamine before.

  5. Zero: Thanks. It's nice to know that I'm really making a difference.

    Kirihito: That's exactly it. I ended drawing Him yesterday too. It was chibi-fied and adorable but I think it still counts. And it doesn't help that my house is almost completely surrounded by trees. It's a bit creepy.

    GL: I said, don't worry. I really am fine.

    Square: Ha. I knew it.

  6. I understand completely how you're feeling. I, too, have been obsessing over Slenderblogs and losing hours of sleep, heh. I think you just have to do things to distance yourself from it a bit; remind yourself it's not real.

    Because it's not real. That would be silly. *looks behind self*

  7. Yeah, I know how you feel. I've been just a little bit obsessed with the Slender Man Mythos ever since I discovered Marble Hornets about a week ago. I often find myself drawing him and day dreaming about him, hell, he even appeared in one of my dreams, and he had a voice that sort of sounded like Christoper Lee XD. Part of me would really like to see him, although the part of me that enjoys being alive would rather not, so many conflicting emotions >~<.