Sunday, December 5, 2010

(Song) 遊吟の歌

Yuugin No Uta
Song of the wandering Minstrel.

Almost forgot about this one. I don't know. Everything I make sounds wrong to me. I can't figure it out.

Oh well. It's something, right?

My house is pretty much surrounded by trees like the picture in the video. I used to think it was pretty, now it's just creepy.

Download MP3 Here:


  1. Maybe you're getting too involved in all this, Hoso, maybe you should get out of this while you can? I'm worried about you.

  2. @Zero(Like there's anyone else to reply to)

    Man, I've been worried since she saw the graffiti in the park. She's gonna keep going though. Everyone does. Just let her and hope she comes out okay, I guess.

  3. And how exactly should I go about doing that?

    I can delete this blog and I can stop reading other blogs, but what will that really accomplish?

    I already know too much, right? As soon as you even need to ask yourself whether or not you're too involved in something like this, it's already too late. I can't really just un-learn everything.

    And I don't really know if I want to or not.

    I just don't know what to do right now.

  4. I don't know. I'm still here, everything intact. I went through the same paranoia and I've got a whole forest across from the field behind my house. It's been a whole year, and I seem to still have my chance to back out.

    I dunno how it works, but for some reason...I figure you missed your chance already.

    On top of that, I'm curious too. Christ, it's like a ouija board. It's probably better that you delete the blog, spite of my concern for your safety, I hope you keep the blog running.

  5. I'd say, go outside and immerse yourself in your community, your life outside the blogosphere. No one says you have to delete your blog, just don't go trolling for other info. It can still be put aside, until you see him. At least I think so.

  6. What Zero said. Don't get so caught up in all these shenanigans that it defines your life. It can't be healthy. There's still a world outside; don't let yourself lose sight of it. :) You'll be fine, don't worry.