Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(Song) 3341

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you guys: I don't remember making this song. I was looking through my music folder and happened to find and MP3 file named "3341". At first I thought I must have downloaded it from somewhere, but then I found that the original project file was saved in the same folder. Put simply, if the original project is on this computer, it is reasonable to assume that the song was made using this computer. No one else but me can even use this computer (I use a password) and furthermore, I'm positive no one else in this house knows how to use the music making software.

I guess that just leaves me.

I tried opening the project file in FL Studio, but every time I do I get this message:




And once I close that window, the program shuts down. Looking at that message, it looks like there should be more to it. But I suck at codes. Someone help me out here.

And here I was in a good mood today because I finally got a full night of sleep. Then I wake up and find this.

Thank you for all the support in the comments of the last post. But I think it's officially too late now. Like I said, even if I were to delete this blog (which I have no intention of doing) and moved on with my life, this whole...thing is not something I can just forget. No matter where I am or who I'm with, my thoughts always drift back to you-know-who.

Now that I look back, it's clear that I never really had a chance to begin with.


  1. I ran it through a code scanner I found on google. this is what it says.

    *What is the meaning of this song?
    This song has no meaning.
    What is the sin in this song?
    There is no sin in this song.
    What is the meaning of XXXXXXX?
    XXXXXXX has no meaning.
    What is the sin in XXXXXXX?
    The meaning of this song is XXXXXXX.*

    Here is the link to the translator should you ever need it again. http://home2.paulschou.net/tools/xlate/

  2. That's strange. Those are the lyrics to Paradichlorobenzene, a Vocaloid song. Are you familiar with it?

    Also... that song is creepy. <:(

  3. Will: Thanks. I'll save the link.

    Holly: I am familiar with it actually...

    But I have no idea what is has to do with anything.

  4. A disinfectant, eh?

    I hope you can stay safe.
    Fingers crossed.


  5. Another one. I should of found a way to get out sooner. I'm sorry. I should have given you more of a warning.

    Be brave! I know you can be. You gave these guys hope, save some for yourself.

    It's going to be okay. It will be okay.

  6. みみしい
    聾 (ろう) can be read as みみしい
    (n) deafness / deaf person (rude)

    Do excuse my lateness, but it doesn't seem like anyone has suggested this sort of code, and I have no way of knowing if you've attempted it. So.
    (There are several other possibilities, but none of them are actual words as far as I am aware.)

    Perhaps trying this sort of code with the other 'songs' would be a good idea, if they are named similarly.

    Best of luck, and a merry, merry Christmas to you.

  7. 3341
    (adj) lonely; lonesome; solitary; desolate

  8. V2hhdCBpcyB0aGUgbWVhbmluZyBvZiB0aGlzIHNvbmc/DQpUaGlzIHNvbmcgaGFzIG5vIG1lYW5pbmcuDQpXaGF0IGlzIHRoZSBzaW4gaW4gdGhpcyBzb25nPw0KVGhlcmUgaXMgbm8gc2luIGluIHRoaXMgc29uZy4NCldoYXQgaXMgdGhlIG1lYW5pbmcgb2YgWFhYWFhYWD8NClhYWFhYWFggaGFzIG5vIG1lYW5pbmcuDQpXaGF0IGlzIHRoZSBzaW4gaW4gWFhYWFhYWD8NClRoZSBtZWFuaW5nIG9mIHRoaXMgc29uZyBpcyBYWFhYWFhYLg==. cAn YoU FiGuRE It OuT BEfoRE tO LaTE.

    1. You sure do post a lot of weird things on this blog?

  9. ^@Anonymous^ I dont get it, your really freaky (no offense)