Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In an Unreachable Dream

Why am I still rolling?

I keep on rolling rolling rolling every day

Yet I still make so many horrible unforgivable mistakes

Maybe if I just try one more time one more time

I can stop my breathing


  1. we all make mistakes, Hosozukuri. We're all human. We have to learn to forgive ourselves for our faults. It's tough I know, I still have trouble with that myself. but don't ever wish for death. Life is precious, it's what I want to fight for, cheesy perhaps, but true.

  2. What sort of mistakes? They're not worth ceasing your life functions over, whatever they are.

    Keep on trucking, Hoso. You'll be okay.

  3. Sorry, I was a bit depressed last night when I wrote this.

    I'm better now.

  4. talk to us about it Hoso, let us know what's been bothering you.

  5. What zero said.
    Maybe you can fix it.

    Or at least get past it.

  6. I must say the title of this entry struck an obvious cord in me.

    Mistakes are made, and while you may not be able to change your decisions, there is always time to make amends for your misdeeds. With that; I am glad you are feeling more yourself young miss, tomorrow is a big day!

  7. come on, Hoso, share. You've created music for us, which is a great honor, least we can do is listen to your issues.

  8. Is anyone else getting creeped out by this guy Square?

    His comment on her song bugged me, "consider yourself watched", but I thought it was too vague to mention. I mean, he could just have an odd way of speaking. But...