Friday, November 12, 2010

(Song) OpenTheDoor

First song up. Inspired by the blog "Seeking Truth" by Zeke Strahm who I hear is still around somewhere and posting on other people's blogs. I really liked this blog, it was very interesting and well-written. I pretty much went through the whole thing in one day. Do I believe anything it says? Most likely not. But it was certainly interesting to read.

As for the song itself, I like how it turned out. Obviously this one was very Silent Hill influenced, but mostly because that's what Zeke's story made me think of. Kinda sad, but with a bit of hopefulness. Like he's still willing to put up a fight.

I'll have a download link up soon if anyone's interested.

EDIT:: Download the MP3 here


  1. This song is pretty much amazing and I'd love to hear more of what you got.

  2. Thanks ^_^

    I have plenty more to come.

  3. The song is very good. It was written by you, I know. But are in the band as well? If so, what do you play?

    On another note, I don't think it's wise to point people who don't know what Zeke is fighting towards his blog. M would not approve.

  4. Can't stop playing this. Very well done.

  5. Leviathan: Actually it's all arranged on the computer. I do play the piano, it's just a hassle to drag it up and down the stairs to hook it up to the computer.

    Omega: Thanks!

  6. The piano seems difficult to me. The keys all blend together for me. I'd need them marked.

  7. Well I've been playing for at least four years and I'm still not all that good XD

    Like most things it just takes a lot of practice.

  8. its a nice tune, reminds me of Silent Hill though, and thus a little creepy