Monday, November 29, 2010

(Song) Hyoscyamine

New song time. This one doesn't have a blog theme, I just started making the music box tune and it took off from there. Also, sorry about the weird bit at the end. I must have screwed something up when I exported it.

Sorry if I don't upload anymore songs for awhile, I've not been sleeping very well. It was so late when I made this song that I hardly remember making most of it. School is not fun when you can't keep your eyes open long enough to read a math problem, let alone solve it.

I keep looking out the windows all the time. What am I expecting to see? Most of the time it's just one of my cats, Memoar, running around. I need a nap.



  1. I think I like this song best of the ones you posted so far.

  2. I did enjoy it. Is it weird that music boxes always make me think of childhood?

    Well...they also remind me of porcelain I suppose I feel uneasy about it as well.

  3. What gorgeously dynamic music you have crafted. I have a terrible habit of reeling off sentence after sentence when I become enamoured with something, so I shall just say this: Consider yourself watched.