Friday, November 12, 2010


This blog will serve mainly as a place to share the various songs I like to compose. My username's  Hosozukuri, but you can call me Hoso, Kuri, Zuku, whatever. Why that name? Because I'm a lame otaku. Sue me.

My favorite composers are Akira Yamaoka and Yoko Shimomura, Wowaka, Treow, and there are probably others I can't think of right now. I haven't made enough songs to really have developed a 'style' yet. I guess my style is whatever new instrument pack I happen to download that the time XD

I use FL studio to make my stuff. I just got it recently so I'm sure I'm not using it to it's full potential yet. I just figured out how the mixer works and everything.

So I don't have much else to say ATM. I have a song in the works right now, maybe I'll have it up soon. I have a youtube account too, but there's nothing on there yet.


  1. Oh, I like Akira Yamaoka too... well, at least the various songs I've heard from the SH games. I haven't even played them.

    "There is another reason to fill your heart with hatred. It must be this way, one day you will understand why. You must remember me and your true self as well."

  2. If you have a PS2, I highly recommend the games. The music is awesome by itself, but in-game combined with the visuals it creates an amazing atmosphere.

  3. I do have a PS2, as well as a Wii - I've watched some trailers for Shattered Memories and the whole thing at the beginning of the game, where you have to fill a form so that some elements of the game changes based on your answers in order to make the game more frightening for you, is interesting. Maybe it doesn't change much, but I like the concept.

  4. SM isn't a bad game, it's just not the same I guess. They literally could have just changed the title and it wouldn't have made a difference because it has very little to do with Silent Hill. And it's seriously lacking in scares. It's mildly creepy at best. But for what it is, it does a good job.

    And the UFO ending is amazing.