Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(Song) What Now?

Based on yet another blog called "What now?". It's about a fellow named "B" who's on the run from Slendy along with his friend/girlfriend Melody. I guess what inspired me the most was how dedicated B is to protecting Melody. I don't want to say it's cute....but it really is sweet.

The thing this song represents most in uncertainty, as evidenced by the fact that the title itself is a question. There's also a weird, really deep bass throughout the song (you can hear it the best in the beginning) that I think kinda sounds like a heartbeat. I think I like the ending the best.

I think I'm making these too short. What do you guys think?

Download MP3 here:


  1. I think the length is fine, but these pieces are a bit monotone. Then again, the theme justifies that.

  2. Thank you. This means alot actually.

  3. It's not too short, but I will admit it ends a bit suddenly.

    I do like it, though.

  4. Pleasant tune
    Poor Title
    Will Work
    Better Word

    Request Please
    (Sage)'s Song
    Battle Cry
    Rally Point

    Important Part
    VERY Important
    Almost Vital

    Thank you.

  5. wow, now that's a treasure, a song in your honor, B. not to mention GL asking for a tune...very impressive.

    GL, I think I've got the title you want.

    Hope you like it Hosozukuri(Virtuoso)

    phew that's a lot of letters! :D

  6. (Virtuoso)
    Little Much
    But Works

    As Always
    Her Call
    Her Pick

    Refuse Title
    Stay Real
    Stay Self

    Take Title
    Whichever Wanted
    Become More
    Less Real
    Lose Self

    Power Great
    Worth Price
    Heavy Cost
    Be Sure

  7. If I may intrude upon the discussion, I like (Minstrel) better, or perhaps (Bard), but as you said, it's Hoso's pick.
    Also, I wonder if I'll ever inspire her to write a song, but let's wait and see.

  8. yeah I know it's a bit much, but Hoso has actually created music for us, about the lives we live, I think that's a big deal.

  9. Wow, you guys make me feel so special. I'm just glad to know I'm making something that people care about.

    And personally I like (Minstrel) because I think the meaning fits pretty well.

    I have a few more songs in the works (I say a few because I seem to have a really bad habit of starting and never finishing things) so you can look forward to seeing them soon.

  10. Kuri, Zero told me about you and your songs relating to Slender Man blogs.

    Can you tell me anything about Dark Woods Circus?

    Check out H(a)unting.

    A Keeper

  11. SuspendedGates: I know a song called Dark Woods Circus, but it doesn't really relate to SM. It's a vocaloid song:

  12. Give it some thought sometime, Hoso(Minstrel) Sandra apparently could sing that to have slendy do..something, I dunno, I can't read H(a)unted.

    anyway, music does sooth the savage breast, but maybe it's more about the mind being in tune than the actual words.

    New round of speculation much to do.

    Love your work Hosozukuri