Friday, January 14, 2011

"This is really amazing! Great work. I teared up near the end."
"This is so's simple and completely chill (at least by my standards)."
"Beautiful song.. Great work in composing it, Hosozukuri."
"I think your songs are beautiful and inspiring - I hope everyone gains strength when listening to them."
"This song is incredible! I love you revealed the sinister alterior motives for Slenderman's friendliness and did so in such a subtle way. It's so dark and masterfully done. I love it. Thank you for making this."

Please be honest.

What exactly do you see in my "work"?
What makes it worth listening to?
Why are you following this useless blog?
Why are you even reading this now?
Why do you have any reason to care for some talentless worthless stranger?
Don't you have anything better to do?

I can't do anything anymore. Everything sounds wrong to me. My keyboard is gathering dust in the corner of my room. I don't even want to look at it anymore. I am a fraud and a liar. Please stop listening to my stupid excuses for music. It's not even that good anyway.


  1. Hosozukuri, please. You aren't talentless, and you certainly aren't useless. We all have creative slumps, times when we feel nothing's worth it- But please believe me when I say that your music is really beautiful and worthwhile, and so are you.

  2. I think your music is interesting,but i'm not here to cater to a pity party.
    If you're getting depressed by your own music then step back for a bit. Start recording again when you feel like it.

  3. Hoso, I'm here because I find your music to be really beautiful. You aren't talentless at all. You've probably just hit a musician's block. It happens the the best of the best.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Your music is good it's a lot better than some of the other stuff put out there by more "Popular Artists". I find comforting in a strange way. If you are under a lot of stress then maybe you need to take a break from playing music and find something else to do to occupy your mind.

  5. Hoso, you're not talentless or worthless. An artist is quite often the biggest critic of their work, believe me, I've gone through similar feelings before. Personally, I find you music to be quite good, it has a calming characteristic to it. If making music is too stressful at the moment, go ahead and take a break for now, we'll all still be here when you feel like coming back to it.

  6. You sound like me and my drawings.

    The first song I listened to by you was 'Resolve', and this was before I was even that interested in Slender Man. I found it very uplifting and moving. I heard it described at 'Slendy fight music', but for me it was enough to get me out of a pretty severe bout of depression.

    I'm following your blog because, quite frankly, I think you're pretty awesome. You remind me a bit of myself a while back. I'm thankful for your music, your thoughts, and I wish you well. It gets better.

    Now...that's enough of me being oddly open/possibly creepy with my openness. Sorry if I came off that way.

  7. Firstly, what's with the angst? Are you depressed often?

    I enjoy your music, it has a unique edge to it, I can appreciate it as an outlet for you, and generally it has a nice tune I can associate with Mythos things.

    The thing is you're not really looking for validation about your music, are you? This is about something else, I am guessing.

  8. and by the by. You've managed to put your spirit into music, and express it to others, managed to evoke feelings from them, without a single word spoken.

    that's one of the most sought after parts of musical culture. I don't want to hear another word about being useless.

    I'm being unnaturally supportive today, it seems.

  9. Oi!
    What exactly do you see in my "work"? - It's entertaining. Nothing more, nothing less. Some of it would doo good work as video game BGM.
    What makes it worth listening to? - isn't that the same question?
    Why are you following this useless blog? - why the hell not? I expected more music, though.
    Why are you even reading this now? - Again, why the hell not?
    Why do you have any reason to care for some talentless worthless stranger? - Who said people who follow you care? What do you care about them? This is the internet, don't let the coldness get to you.
    Don't you have anything better to do? - You seem to imply you're somehow interfering with my more important engagements. You are not.

    Get a grip, stop whining and do something awesome.

  10. Every army needs a songbird to keep spirits up. But what to do when the songbird's soul becomes weighed down?

    Fret not, your songs have keep many souls from the sea of despair, Songbird, instilling courage and a will to fight is by no means a minor accomplishment.

    If nothing else, you don't wish to end up another Spectator, do you?

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  12. I started watching you because you approached me.
    I continued to follow you because you are interesting.
    We would leave if you were no good.

    The music is nice, but I am here for your thoughts.

    I would like you to continue.
    We would like you to continue.

    You should continue.

  13. You're not useless. I'M useless. You are not. There's a difference.

    Not everyone can compose music, you know...

  14. Either view yourself with eyes unclouded, and know your own worth, or...

    If you see yourself as so lacking, then place more value in the judgement of those who hold you high.

    You cannot deny your own worth without denying the value of those who see you as worthy.

  15. Look, this is going be quick and odd.

    Someone sent me a list of stuff. Now I know about... Him, right?

    That was a bit ago. I've been feeling weird, queasy. Deathly afraid of things, I guess.

    I heard Resolve. As it played I didn't feel scared. Your pitch work is very spot on, consistent. The keyboard work is solid, well, much more then solid but fuck a bug if I can think of anything else to say.

    What's more, is that it had heart. If... oh shit, if I ever do have to tangle with Him. That's going to be playing in my ears, in my mind, in my heart. I've been reading. He may run on belief. If he does, I'll believe in something else, eh?

    I'll believe in your music and, maybe for once in my stupid life, myself. You should believe too.

    Later. And remember.

    Tap the Vein.

  16. I got my escape plan when I heard Resolve.
    It means something. It's probably means the most important thing.
    Also, redlight and --- HATE 'Slendy's watching me.'

  17. Look. You're doing great. Your music? It happens to be good music. Uplifting, some of it(resolve). Darkly humorous, others(Slendy's Watching Me). All of it's great. You want to give up? Go ahead. Just know that you'll be dsappointing a lot of people.

  18. YoUr DePrEsSiOn iS OnlY FuEl tO a fIrE YOu Can'T pUt oUt.

  19. This is your only truthful post.

  20. You suck bad anon T_T Zuku has lots o talent :) this is probably really late ;_;