Friday, February 11, 2011

(Song) aRtIFICIaL SAnCtuAry

"I just wanted to make something that sounded calm and peaceful and at least somewhat happy. This song was inspired by the idea of a sacred forest shrine, a permanent safe place where the sun filters through the leaves and the sound of wind chimes travel on the warm breeze. See? Happy thoughts. It works wonders.

Like "Resolve", this song was created to give a small amount of comfort to those who find themselves tangled in this horrible mess. Even if that comfort is only artificial. "

Nothing else to report.



  1. It sounds....uplifting....

    Thank you, Hoso.

    I think is just what I need.

  2. So relaxing brings back memories of walks in the forest before...just before. Might just be my new 'falling asleep' song.

  3. very calming. I like it. Will you be making this available for download?

  4. How... beautiful.

    Maybe if I listen to this before I go to sleep, the dreams will go away.

  5. I remember walking down valley roads with my father. He would tell me stories about way back when. He would sometimes tell me little fairy tales he made up himself.

    "Old Man Kennedy knew his days were numbered. Death had paid him visit one day. Death said nothing, all he did was stand in Kennedy's doorway, watching him.

    Kennedy didn't think much of the black-clad Death at first. He was ready to die. Ready to see it all fade away.

    Soon after that, Kennedy talked to an old friend of his. kennedy heard another's story, and another person heard his. Kennedy fealt younger, livier and he realized... he didn't want to die. Not yet. Not without a fight.

    So he took his things, took some wood and bricks from his house, put them in a truck... and left. As he drove away he could see Death, in the rearview mirror, watching him. Old Man Kennedy drove and drove and drove.

    He went somewhere he had never been to before... and built a fort. He built out of the bricks and wood of his old home. He had the few things that he really thought he needed to be him. And he stayed there.

    Death came by again, later, much later. He came to Kennedy's fort and tore it down. Death thought he had one, but Kennedy was already gone. he knew the fort wouldn't protect him, but he knew it would confuse Death. And it gave him hope. It gave him the thought that he could run. Anywhere. Everywhere. With a smile on his face.

    They say Old Man Kennedy is still out there, running from Death, cheating him at every turn. Always making forts. Always running. With a smile on his face.

    Remember: You can build something up and leave it behind. It will be a mark of your perseverance. Never give up."

    Thank you.

  6. My dad was weird.
    I might have been slightly intoxicated when I put that up. I don't know how that works either.

  7. Sounds really good, reminds me of old Square RPG's like Chrono Trigger.
    By the way, any reason why some the the letters in the title are randomly capitalized, is it some sort of random puzzle or something?

  8. Sacrificial? Thats what the scrambled capitals say. Hoso are you all right?